Dari Umno Fairus Datang Kpd Umno Dia Kembali-ALFATIHAH

Dari Umno Fairus Datang Kpd Umno Dia Kembali-ALFATIHAH
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Akhbar Cina Dah Lama Kata Fairus Gagal



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Sabtu, Disember 20, 2008

Deputy chief minister under fire over 'beheading' remark

New Straits Times

NST :20 Dis- Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin has allegedly threatened to "behead" several Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Youth chiefs in the state.

The Penanti assemblyman was said to have issued the threat following the group's plan to meet him on Tuesday to hand him a memorandum.

The New Straits Times learnt that the memorandum contains suggestions and views to help PKR state executive council members to improve their performance.

A PKR division Youth head, who spoke on condition of anonymity, described Fairus' action in threatening him and his counterparts as "extreme". He said such actions had affected Fairus' image as the state's second man.

He said the deputy chief minister called him several times and threatened to chop off his head as well as the heads of others if they handed in the memorandum.
The Youth head said the incident happened on Tuesday when he and several party exco members were on their way to hand over the memorandum to three state executive council members from the party.

They are state Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Committee chairman Abdul Malik Abul Kasim, state Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Committee chairman Law Choo Kiang and Fairus.

Elaborating, the division Youth head said although he had explained the contents of the memorandum to Fairus, the latter was adamant that he would not receive it and said it would suffice if the memorandum was just handed to Malik and Law.

Fairus could not be reached for comments.

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